Currency is used throughout the game to unlock new cargo, purchase crates to obtain more blocks, and more. There are currently two types of currency in-game: coins and gems.



Icon for Coins

Coins are the primary form of currency in the game. They are used to purchase and upgrade cargo to carry on-board your ship. Before the update on January 20, 2020, introducing gems, coins could also be used to purchase crates for blocks, but this has since changed. Coins are obtained when cargo reaches each end of the map, with the amount depending on the number of maps passed.

In the very beginning of the game, coins were used to buy things before gems were introduced.



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Gems are used to purchase more blocks for your ship. They were introduced on January 20, 2020, in order to make it more difficult to acquire large amounts of blocks so that the build limit could be increased. Gems are obtained when cargo reaches the end of a map, with the amount depending on the number of maps passed.

All users begin with 100 gems, and some players were given compensation in gems following the "level squish" that occurred with the introduction of gems to make levels more meaningful. Along with this update they also made it harder to gain levels.

Codes "FREEGEMS" and "yar" can be used to get 1,000 gems each.

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