An image of the board used to input codes, next to the spawn point.

Codes are found on KOSMOS social media or other various locations that can be redeemed in-game for blocks, cash, gems, or XP. They have been a part of the game since the initial release. Codes are entered on a sign next to the spawn location in the building zone.UWU UWU UWU UWU UWU UWU UWU UWU UWU


ALL THE CODES ARE CASE-SENSITIVE. Example: "beta", "Beta" "BeTa" etc, WILL NOT WORK, you must use "BETA".

Wiki staff are not game staff and cannot add codes, give you items or cash, or unban you if you are banned.

Active Codes

Code Reward Found on
GLOWING 3 Glowblocks Dev's twitter
BUG 3 Ruby blocks Game’s discord
hidden update 1,500 gems Discord
XBOX Spiked Orb In-Game Notification
BETA 10 Copper blocks Game description
1MIL 3 Ruby blocks KOSMOS
yar 1000 Gems Game's discord

Expired Codes

This is a list of codes that are thought to be expired. If you find that they still work, please re-add them to the Active Codes section or ask someone to do so on the page comments.

Code Reward Found on
FREEGEMS 1,000 Gems Game's discord/In-game
launch 1 Ancient Pirate Ship Game description
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